We've been providing the highest quality veterinary care for Alaskans
since 1985. Our five doctors perform complete and comprehensive
surgical, medical and dental care, as well as acupuncture and
alternative medicine. We tend to the needs of dogs, cats, birds and
exotic pets. We also provide grooming and we stock an array of pet supplies.

Our experienced doctors can provide your pets with a variety of
services. From the first checkup and vaccines, to spaying or neutering
and continuing into adulthood and senior years, our staff is able to
give your pets the best in veterinary care.
We also provide specialized services such as orthopedic
surgeries, chemotherapy and assistance in managing long-term problems

such as diabetes. With our in-hospital lab, radiography and ultrasound
capabilities, our doctors are able to quickly have the information needed to best treat your pets.  

For client's wishing to try an alternative approach to pet care, Dr.
Todd Palmatier performs acupuncture and chiropractic care for your pets,
along with homeopathic remedies. If you are interested in learning
more about this aspect of pet care, please set up a consultation appointment.

Grooming services for cats and dogs are available Monday through Saturday. Please call to make an appointment and for prices.
  High quality pet foods from Science Diet and Royal Canin are available at The Pet Stop. We also have a variety of treats and toys, just the thing for rewarding your pet after its visit to the doctor.

The Gang


Alaskans throughout the state are making changes and sacrifices to help limit the eventual impact and spread of COVID-19 in our community. The Pet Stop is determined to continue providing care to you and your pets during this difficult time while also doing our part to help ensure your safety, the safety of your families, and of our team members. Under the recommendations and guidelines of both the CDC and the American Veterinary Medical Association, we are making the following changes, effective immediately, to our standard operating procedures.

A) Cancellation of elective surgical procedures and exams:

1. To limit the collective community exposure of both clients and team members, all walk-in tech appointments, elective              surgical procedures, and exams are cancelled for the foreseeable future. We will reevaluate this on a weekly basis.

       2. If you already have an elective surgical procedure scheduled, we will contact you directly to discuss this change and                         rescheduling options.

       3. Similarly, if you have an exam scheduled that is deemed to be elective, we will be reaching out to you directly to discuss                 this change and rescheduling options.

       4. Our team will be keeping a well ordered record of these canceled surgical procedures/exams, so that those patients                       displaced during this time are the first to receive service once we’re able to resume normal operations.

       5. If you call to schedule a surgical procedure or exam that is considered elective, we will add these patients to the same                     record mentioned above and will prioritize them based on the order in which calls are received.

B) A Curbside Service model will be instituted for all appointments and surgical drop offs

1. To protect the safety of our team members and to ensure that we’re able to continue providing care going forward:

◦ If you or a family member are exhibiting any cold or flu like symptoms
◦ If you or a family member have been exposed to COVID-19
◦ Or if you or a family member have traveled to places where the virus has been spreading or there has been sustained               transmission within the last two weeks

Please remain at home and DO NOT bring your pets to The Pet Stop.

If your pet is very ill and you fall under any of the above categories call us to discuss possible accommodations.

2. We will be restricting access to the building to minimize unnecessary exposure and to promote social distancing. Pet                owners visiting the clinic will be asked to remain in their vehicles.

       3. If you have a medically necessary exam or surgery scheduled, prior to arriving at the clinic, please complete a                                     Patient Intake Form available on our website and email it to us at Petstop@gci.net the night before.

       4. When you arrive at The Pet Stop for an exam or drop off, please call us at (907)-522-1006 to let us know that you’ve arrived.             Let us know what your pet is scheduled for, tell us what type of vehicle you are driving, and where in the vehicle your pet is             located. We will also need a good cell phone number.

       5. After contacting the staff by phone, a team member will come out to your car to retrieve your pet for their exam or surgical             procedure. Please have your doors unlocked and limit any contact with the team member as much as possible. If your pet               is not in a carrier, we will use one of our leashes (for dogs) or carriers (for cats & small dogs) for your pet’s safety.

       6. For exams, we ask you to remain in your vehicle and on-site for the duration of your pet’s exam so that we can get your pet              back to you as soon as possible, limit stress for them, and to have you available by phone for the veterinarian to ask                           questions while examining your pet.

        7. If any additional tests, medications, or services are needed for your pet beyond what was originally scheduled for, a team                member or doctor will call you on your cell phone.

        8. After your pet has been fully examined, a doctor or technician will call you discuss their findings and recommendations,                  and answer any questions you may have about their care going forward.

        9. Your call will then be transferred to the front desk for payment over the phone. We will only be accepting credit card                        payments during this period.

       10. Once the transaction is completed and any medications your pet needs have been put together, we will bring your pet                     and their prescriptions out to your car.

       11. For surgeries, your pets will be dropped off following the same protocol noted above. Once your pet’s procedure is done                  we will call with an update, pick up time for your pet, and give you all of the go-home instructions. You will be given the                    option to pay over the phone at that time or over the phone when you come to pick up. Upon arriving for pickup follow the              same instructions as you did for drop off, calling with a vehicle description, location, etc.

C) Prescription Pick Up

         1. To limit your exposure to the community, we’re encouraging clients to use VetSource to fill prescriptions if they are able to.               VetSource is an online prescription pharmacy that coordinates with our doctors. To use this service and have your                              medications filled online and delivered directly to your home, go to Petstopak.com, click on the VetSource link at the top                  of the page and follow the directions there. We can also assist you with the process if you call the clinic and provide us                    with an email address and information on the medication you need.

          2. If you need a prescription for your pet filled at a pharmacy in town, please call us. We will try to call in your prescription to                the pharmacy of your choice once it has been approved by a doctor.

   3. If you need your medication to be filled at The Pet Stop or if your medication is only available at The Pet Stop, we will call         you once the medication has been approved and is ready.

          4. Please note, prescriptions will still need 24 to 48 hours to be approved and filled, so please call ahead of time.

          5. If you’re picking your medication up at The Pet Stop, we ask that you follow the procedure noted above, call upon arrival,                give payment over the phone, and the medication will be delivered to your vehicle.

D) Food Pick Up

           1. For clients in need of Hill’s/Science Diet prescription/maintenance foods, we’re asking that, if possible, you use the Hill’s                  to Home Service. Hill’s to Home allows you to order your pet’s prescription/maintenance foods online and have them                        delivered right to your door. Shipping is only $1 per item ordered so it’s a very good deal. Call us to setup your account.

           2. If you can’t use Hills to Home or are in need of some of the Royal Canin foods we carry, please call ahead to see if the                       food is available for you. We have a limited stock on hand.

           3. We will ask you to pay ahead of time over the phone, call when you arrive with a description of your vehicle, and we’ll                       have a team member bring your pet food out to your vehicle.

We want to continue to do our best to be there for you and your pets during these challenging times and understand that these changes will be difficult for everyone involved. We apologize for any additional stress this may cause you and your family. It is our hope that these contributions and the contributions of the community at large will help limit the spread of the virus and help us return to normal sooner rather than later. Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions at all please call us at (907)-522-1006. We will keep you up to date on any changes as we learn more.
The Pet Stop Team