We've been providing the highest quality veterinary care for Alaskans
since 1985. Our six doctors perform complete and comprehensive
surgical, medical and dental care, as well as acupuncture and alternative medicine. We tend to the needs of dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets. We also provide grooming and we stock an array of pet supplies.

Our experienced doctors can provide your pets with a variety of
services. From the first checkup and vaccines, to spaying or neutering
and continuing into adulthood and senior years, our staff is able to
give your pets the best in veterinary care.
We also provide specialized services such as orthopedic
surgeries and assistance in managing long-term problems

such as diabetes. With our in-hospital lab, radiography and ultrasound capabilities, our doctors are able to quickly have the information needed to best treat your pets.  

For client's wishing to try an alternative approach to pet care, Dr.
Todd Palmatier performs acupuncture and chiropractic care for your pets,
along with homeopathic remedies. If you are interested in learning
more about this aspect of pet care, please set up a consultation appointment.

Grooming services for cats and dogs are available Monday through Saturday. Please call to make an appointment and for prices.  

High quality pet foods from Science Diet and Royal Canin are available at The Pet Stop. We also have a variety of treats and toys, just the thing for rewarding your pet after its visit to the doctor.

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We are OPEN for all veterinary services and surgical procedures with Curbside service!

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The Pet Stop is determined to continue providing care for you and your pets while also doing our part to ensure your safety, the safety of your families and that of our team. To accomplish this, we are following recommendations and guidelines from the CDC, the American Veterinary Medical Association and state/local mandates. We understand that these policies can make things more challenging and ask for your cooperation, patience, and help as we work to serve you and protect our community.

Please review our COVID policies and procedures below.

COVID Screening
We ask that you perform a self assessment/screening prior to scheduling or bringing your pet/s in for an appointment,

◦ If you or anyone in your household have been exposed to COVID
◦ If you or anyone in your household have tested positive for COVID
◦ If you or anyone in your household are exhibiting any cold, flu or COVID like symptoms

Please remain at home and DO NOT bring your pets to The Pet Stop. If you have an appointment, please reschedule.

Please review the list of CDC recognized COVID symptoms.

*Fever or chills                               *Cough                                      *Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
*Fatigue                                           *Muscle or body aches          *Headache
*New loss of taste or smell          *Sore throat                              *Congestion or runny nose
*Nausea or vomiting *Diarrhea

Travel considerations

If you have traveled out of the state of Alaska, we require the following to be able to serve you:

* At least one negative COVID test, a completed quarantine of at least 5 days, and no COVID symptoms.


* A completed 14 day quarantine and no COVID symptoms  

If your pet is very ill or you need to pick up medications and you fall under any of the above categories call us to discuss possible accommodations.

Our policies may change as additional recommendations are made.

When scheduling an appointment:

* Please let us know if you or anyone in your household have had any COVID symptoms, are COVID positive, had COVID exposure or have traveled recently. We will help you schedule appropriately to have your pet seen.

*Before each appointment, we ask that you fill out our Patient Intake Form. This gives the doctors a detailed description of your concerns and information on how your pet is doing. As conditions can change, we ask that this form is filled out before every appointment so that the doctor has the most up to date information.

*We ask that you arrive 15-20 minutes before your appointment. This helps to ensure we can get you checked in on time and take care of any necessary paperwork prior to your appointment.

Curbside services are still being provided. Our processes have recently changed.

Please read below to understand how this process works.

*Our lobby is currently closed. When you arrive, please try to park directly in front of our building.

*Call us at 907-522-1006. One of our receptionists will get you checked in.

*During each check in process we will ask you:
* COVID screening question(see restrictions above)
* verify the phone number you are calling from so we may contact you during the exam or to ask additional questions
* verify why we are seeing your pet and if you have any additional concerns
* have you filled out the Patient Intake Form or Surgery Estimate


Once you are checked in, the receptionist will complete their paperwork and inform the technician/ doctor that you are here for your appointment. When the doctor is ready for your pet, a technician will either send you a text or call you from one of three phone numbers (350-8857, 350-8635, or 522-1006) to let you know they are ready for your pet. (Please note that the 350-8857 & 350-8635 numbers are not checked regularly and are used for outbound messages and calls only. Do not text or call these numbers.) Once you receive a text/call, please bring your pet to the ENTRY door, located on the far right side of the clinic.

We ask that you wear a mask or face covering when interacting with our staff. While you wait at the door, please be courteous of other people and pets and maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet from others. The technician will verify your pets name and the reason for your visit then take your pet for the exam/ procedure while you wait in your car. Please stay in the parking lot during the exam, unless otherwise directed. The doctor will call you with exam findings and recommendations. Once they have completed the exam, the technician will call or send another text letting you know to come to the EXIT door, located on the far left side of the clinic, to pick up your pet. If medications are needed, we will do our best to have them ready at this time but sometimes it is not possible or it is in the pets best interest to get back to their parents ASAP. In these cases, we will again meet you at the EXIT door after your payment is completed with the receptionist, for you to pick up medication and a receipt.

End of life appointments

We understand how difficult it is to say goodbye to a member of your family as they reach the end of their journey. To ensure this process is as compassionate and comfortable as possible, while still working to ensure your safety and ours, we have different policies in place. We allow a maximum of 2 people to be present for these types of appointments. Our team will direct you to meet them at the ENTRY or EXIT door to perform a brief screening. Before entering, we will check your temperature and provide you with hand sanitizer. You will be required to wear a mask at all times while you are in the clinic and we ask that you maintain a 6 foot distance from staff in the exam room.


Dropping pets off for procedures is very similar to checking in for an appointment. Please arrive between 7:30 & 8:00 am and call to check in with the front desk. When you call, the receptionists will go through check in procedures(see above). A technician will then text or call you to come to the ENTRY door. Meet the technician at the ENTRY door where they will confirm your pets name and procedure being done that day. When waiting at the door, please remember to stay 6 feet from other people and pets and to wear a mask. In most cases, you will leave your pet with us for the day. When you come to pick up your pet, please call us to check out. We will instruct you by phone or text to come to the EXIT door to pick up your pet and any additional medications/items. Our staff works as hard as possible to make this process quick and efficient, but please plan ahead and allow for extra time to get your pet checked in and dropped off.


Dropping pets off for grooming is very similar to checking in for an appointment. Please arrive between 7:30 & 8:00 am and call to check in with the front desk. When you call, the receptionists will go through check in procedures(see above). You will then be asked to go to the EXIT door to meet Michael. He will bring in pets in the order they are checked in. When waiting at the door, please remember to stay 6 feet from other people and pets and to wear a mask. When Picking up, again please call to check out with the receptionists. We will ask you to meet us at the EXIT door to pick up your pet. Our staff works as hard as possible to make this process quick and efficient, but please plan ahead and allow for extra time to get your pet checked in and dropped off.


Telemedicine services are available for specific situations and exam types. If you are interested, please call to discuss options with our team.

Prescription Pick Up

1. To limit both your exposure and community exposure, we’re encouraging clients to use VetSource to fill prescriptions if they are able to. VetSource is an online prescription pharmacy that coordinates with our doctors. To use this service and have your medications filled online and delivered directly to your home, go to Petstopak.com, click on the VetSource link at the top of the page and follow the directions there. We can also assist you with this process if you call the clinic and provide us with an email address and information on the medication you need.

2. If you need a prescription for your pet filled at a pharmacy in town, please call us. We will try to call in your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice once it has been approved by a doctor.

3. If you need your pet’s medication to be filled at The Pet Stop or if your medication is only available at The Pet Stop, call us with your request and we will work on filling it once it has been approved by a doctor.

4. Please note, prescriptions will still need 48 to 72 hours to be approved and filled, so please call ahead of time.

5. If you’re picking your medication up at The Pet Stop, we ask that you follow the procedure noted above, call upon arrival, give payment over the phone, and meet us at the EXIT door when directed and we will deliver your medication.

Food Pick Up

1. For clients in need of Hill’s/Science Diet prescription/maintenance foods, we’re asking that, if possible, you use the Hill’s to Home Service. Hill’s to Home allows you to order your pet’s prescription/maintenance foods online and have them delivered right to your door. Shipping is only $1 per item ordered so it’s a very good deal. Call us to setup an account for this service.

2. If you can’t use Hills to Home or are in need of some of the Royal Canin foods we carry, please call ahead to see if the food is available for you. We have a limited stock on hand.

3. We will ask you to pay ahead of time over the phone and call when you arrive. We will direct you to meet us at a specific door to deliver your food.

Important Message For All Clients

This is a challenging time. You’ve heard it before and you’ll certainly hear it again. In tv commercials, on the radio, from neighbors and public servants, the phrase has been repeated over and over throughout this year. What started as a sentence meant to inspire resilience and camaraderie in the face of adversity has become a blunt reminder that the challenge still persists. The virus is still here and “normal” is as far away, if not farther, than ever before. In spite of this feeling, the statement is still true. This is a challenging time. The world is asking more of you as are we. Of the things we ask of you, we ask most for your understanding.

When we made the hard decision to close our lobby to clients and institute our first COVID policies back in March, none of us envisioned this carrying on for this long or presenting as many difficulties as it has. In spite of this fact, our team has worked tirelessly through low staffing, government restrictions, and constantly evolving procedures and protocols to do our very best to continue providing you and your pets with the same care and service that have always made The Pet Stop a pillar of Anchorage’s veterinary community. We know that this fact doesn’t make the current policies less time consuming or less frustrating in the moment. We are just as eager for them to end as you are, but we also know that, for now, they are the best way for us to protect our team, our community, and you.

We again ask for your understanding. Please try to remember during your interactions with with staff, that we are doing all that we can. If things are a bit clunky and take longer than normal, it’s not from lack of effort. We will always put the care of each individual patient above the expedience of the processes of the clinic as a whole. We appreciate your patience and kindness as we all take the next step on a road that we hope will lead us to brighter days.


The Pet Stop Team


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